Humaní»s cultural heritage represents a precious wealth. Indeed, the society is following its development through this transmission.

Pigeon racing sport has 200 years of history. During these long years, through many selections and improvements of genes, different races and bloodlines appeared. Especially the Janssen Brothers line, famous fanciers from of Arendonk in Belgium.

Janssení»s line reputation is due to the efforts and energies that the Janssen generations had devoted to their birds. Janssení»s pigeons are today internationally recognized for their quality and performance. For these reasons, Janssení»s pigeons are sold all around the world, and brought amazing and unprecedented racing results. The existence of í░HAI PA WANG Janssení▒, Klak, Docter Linssen, Van der Flaes, Van Loon, Ritz Willi íş and many others fanciers, became famous by using the Janssení»s line.

However, Louis Janssen is today the only descendant of this great family and it remains only 16 couples of pigeons from their line in their loft. How will we perpetuate this treasure and this cultural heritage which Janssení»s line represents? How can we preserve it entirely? Being a fan of Janssení»s pigeons, it is necessary to continue and keep the legend.

The CEO of HAI PA WANG International Group, Mr. ZHUANG Rong De, has begun to purchase Janssení»s pigeons since a long time and gave very remarkable pigeons with this bloodline. The unique performance of Janssení»s pigeons deeply caught the interest of Mr. ZHUANG.

Thus, Mr. ZHUANG continued to import more and more breeders from Janssení»s origin which gave him a clear idea: build a complete and pure loft of Janssení»s line birds. Through various analyses, discoveries, tests and experiments, the objective is therefore to maintain and transfer this valuable heritage of the pigeon racing sport.

With his wisdom eye and his spirit of persistence, Mr. ZHUANG has begun to invest huge amount and has spent many years since 1995 to import worldwide Janssení»s best pigeons but mainly focusing on Europe. He has now 1000 breeding pigeons coming directly from Janssení»s loft and has also built a 10,000 square meters loft in the province of Guangdong in China, precisely in Shantou, which represents today a study center for Janssení»s pigeons and can accommodate more than 50,000 pigeons. This area is the unique research center for the continuity of Janssení»s lineage.

This study center led by HAI PA WANG, collects, observes and continues its research with the aim of perpetuating the culture of pigeon racing sport and to preserve the heritage of this one. It is a real outstanding contribution to the pigeon racing sport culture. Do not be surprised to see the Janssení»s line reborn from Asia!